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Art of Taste.


“I want to express my feelings rather than illustrate them.”  ― Jackson Pollock


PENELOPE MOORE, Contemporary Artist 

+1 (801) 631.4584


What if you could taste a painting?  


Penelope Moore is Contemporary Artist from Napa Valley, California.  After two and a half years living on Lake Garda, Italy with her husband (a winemaker from Verona) expanding their careers in art and wine, they have come full circle and recently returned back to Napa Valley. She graduated with her BFA in Fine Art Painting from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2004.  


As an abstract expressionist with roots in the food and wine industry, Moore's passion lies at the intersection of art and taste; to express the truest essence of flavor on canvas, she creates a multi-sensory experience through the study of color, texture, and movement. In "Art of Taste" events in Italy, she conducts live action painting sessions that interpret the palate from the palette, combining gastronomy and fine art.


What does sour look like? 


"Each painting begins with a blank canvas and a sip of wine." -- Penelope Moore, Painter of Flavor










LIVE Art Pricing (based on painting size + location):




OPTION 1  (Live Art Entertainment, without purchase obligation): 

Live Art Entertainment without obligation to purchase physical painting.  Entertainment rates are calculated beginning at 10% of painting retail value based on size, with a $500 minimum for local Napa Valley/Sonoma locations, a $750 minimum for greater Bay Area/Northern California. For travel requiring domestic flights or long distance transport logistics, a $5000 minimum for domestic travel and $10,000 minimum for international travel, subject to vary depending on planning requirements.  Client has no obligation to purchase the art and is granted by the artist, first rights to buy the art up to two weeks following the event's conclusion. Should the client choose to acquire the painting, the Live Art Entertainment fees will automatically be deducted from the retail purchase price of the painting. 


Live Art Entertainment pricing is based on canvas size and venue location:

Napa Valley/Sonoma:

36x36” $500  ($3850 retail value) 

36x48” $750 ($7500 retail value)

40x60” $950 ($9500 retail value)

60x72” $1250 ($12,500 retail value)


Bay Area/Northern California:

36x36” $750 ($3850 retail value)

36x48” $950 ($7500 retail value)

40x60” $1250 ($9500 retail value)

60x72” $2000 ($12,500 retail value)

*Additional Rates for Travel (est. on case by case basis): Domestic Travel $5000 International Travel $10,000



★ OPTION 2  (Artwork Commission & Gratis Live Art Entertainment):  

If client would like to commission an original painting, the live art entertainment component would be considered gratis with the advance purchase of the artwork. Accommodations, travel and logistical expenses are negotiated separately from the package.  Artist, Event Organizer and Client will work together in collaboration for a unique sensory experience and presentation logistics. TO BOOK: 50% deposit required to reserve calendar date and 50% due before departure to the venue. 


Flat Rates for Fine Art Commission (with Gratis Live Art Entertainment): 

36x36”  $3850 

36x48”  $7500 

60x60”  $10,500

60x72”  $12,500


*Additional Rates for Travel (est. on case by case basis): Domestic Travel $5000 International Travel $10,000

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