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CHARDONNAY | DIY paint + sip party kit (packed for two)

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Each Party Kit Includes:

  • Two (10x10in) hand drawn floral canvas TOTE BAGS, for you and your partner in wine.
  • Eight custom hand mixed, flavor-inspired acrylic colors with serving spoons.
  • Four paint brushes for daubing and splashing.
  • Two flavor palettes and an acqua tumbler for color mixing and rinsing.
  • Individual place settings for covering the table and serviettes for dabbing.
  • Metallic sparkly pen for doodling.
  • Drinking Game Rules.
  • Wine Muse Recommendation (wine ordered separately).
  • Popcorn Nosh Party Pairing Recipe.

NOTE * Wine Sold Separately: Add your own favorite Chardonnay or INDULGE in my personal Chardonnay recommendations - ORDER ONLINE HERE:

HOOPES CHARDONNAY Party Bundles Sold Here:

ADD wine and your sip-mate, pop + paint!


  • play music + prep table for creative explosion + set timer clock for one hour, hit start upon first sip.
  • pop + pour wine, generously. swirl, sniff, sip...slurp, whatever.
  • new sip = new color, rinse between sips.
  • exhale + assess. you may also assess your asses for backing your glass up, whenever necessary. lock and load your (clean) brush with the first flavor sensation to hit your palate.
  • apply paint, aim for canvas - color inside the lines or outside the lines, it’s your canvas, your creative juice, your wings to fly.
  • rinse brush, refill glass, repeat. new sip = new color, rinse brush between sips.
  • clock is ticking!! sip wine and begin with a clean brush between every new flavor color.
  • the lines are merely a suggestion.
  • btw paint is not edible, van gogh might disagree however. sip. rinse. pick new flavor.
  • tips: thin paint with water for a transparent, watercolor effect, lift any undesired thickness by blotting canvas with moist paper like a sponge. sip. rinse brush. repeat.
  • times up! your masterpiece is complete.
  • pop second bottle, clean crime scene.
  • painting will dry overnight, in sun or by hair dryer.
  • once dry, doodle as desired. add favorite wine quote, zen doodle, take pictures and post on instagram #artoftaste #flavorlab
  • add your own CHARDONNAY or order my WINE RECOMMENDATIONS:



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