"graphite laced with subtle vanilla + hints of lavender"

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"graphite laced with subtle vanilla + hints of lavender” oil on canvas, 72x60in, hand framed in natural cedar, ready to hang.

Art of Taste: "Palette of the Palate" Abstract Expressionist Oil Painting - Contemporary Art


As I walked through a steep and rocky vineyard in Genova: with a Count, a Marchese, and a Historical Winemaker of Napa Valley I saw my painting in the earth. I found my muse in these stones, in Genova; years after I created the painting. When I originally created this painting, a high mineral white wine, in my mind as I painted it, I wanted the viewer to feel as they are unapologetically licking and savoring stone as they view the painting. I found my muse, in Genova. This, for me, is symbolic to the future wine from this terra: delicious and inspiring as the stones themselves. Can you taste it? ◽️#artoftaste#paletteofthepalate #contemporaryart #absractexpressionism

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