June 4, 2019

Italy's Valtenesi + Bardolino Wine Regions :: FIFTY SHADES OF PINK Through the Palate and Palette of an Artist. ART OF TASTE Exhibition

January 13, 2019

“evocative entanglement of honey + warm caramel + spiced pear + while citrus + chamomile + dried apricot dance in the golden setting sun"

This painting was inspired by Gravner 2010 Bianco Breg, a skin contact white wine made in an ancient winemaking method that dat...

January 2, 2019


If Rosé could sing, what would it taste like?

If Rosé had a sound, what would it look like?

If Rosé could



would it sound like?

An Urban Mural + Street Piano Inspired by the Taste of Wine :: Located in Downtown Napa, CA ★

May 11, 2016

black fruit + toasted oak + rosemary