Not that I expect to ever see these paintings again but, the optimist in me hopes that they are just temporarily lost and we will be reunited again. Hopefully if someone finds these paintings and has curiosity will flip them over to find my first and last name handwritten on the backs and google me, they will find me! These two paintings were last seen at my exhibition at Villa Borromeo in Milan during Alpori Festa "Arti Fluide" Event Organized by BetaService Eventi. LAST SEEN October 16th when I personally packed them up (together face to face) at the end of the event. Somehow, they never ended up back in my studio and I didn’t realize it until we moved back to California from Italy! I don’t want to assume art theft but somehow, someway, I no longer have them in my possession. I have retraced my steps without any luck or clues to where they could be whatsoever...straight up, GONE. Poof!

If found please contact me at wineartlife@gmail.com 🌻

LAST SEEN HERE at Villa Borromeo, Milan ITALY (hanging together, packed together-both missing):


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