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Cocktail Inspired!

My first cocktail interpretation!!! I was so inspired by the culinary cocktails of Mixology Master Scott Beattie of Meadowood Napa Valley that narrowing it down to only one was difficult, they were all so beautiful! After tasting through these delightful liquid pieces of art, I chose his creamy frozen lime coconut concoction as my muse. This was a pivotal evening for me, realizing that applying "Palette of the Palate" to cocktails opens an entirely new and infinite dimension to this series of my work, with endless and limitless inspiration as a source. THEN he brought me an actual bowl of toasted coconut as garnish for my oil painting...OMG. Look close, there is coconut in my painting! Scott keep dreaming up the cocktails let's collaborate again soon!!! Thank you Patrick Davila! Thank you Steve Brauer and Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield for providing me with a Sprinter for the evening to properly and safely transport my artwork to Meadowood. #gratitude

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