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Story Behind the Art: This fairytale ended with a limo and caviar!

"black peppercorns + swirl of rosemary + lavender + lush summer berries" inspired by 2013 Zakin Family Estate Cabernet Sauvignon painted LIVE in napa valley.

As I painted LIVE during a very exclusive patron lunch by The Restaurant at Meadowood for Festival Napa Valley at the beautiful Zakin Family Estate in Napa Valley, a dear friend and one of my favorite personal patrons from Beverly Hills aka “proud papa” was so surprised and excited to find me there painting, he whisked me around introducing me to his friends and perfect strangers, then whirled me into his limo and fed me endless bumps of caviar from a pearl spoon paired with vintage Château d'Yquem then took me to the ballet! This painting encompasses the fairytale and beauty that transpires when one commits to following a passion for the arts; with dedication and perseverance required behind staying course no matter the storm 🍇

"black peppercorns + swirl of rosemary + lavender + lush summer berries" oil on canvas, 72x60" - $12,500

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